Maria Rushe cracks down on every song that people are suddenly offended by this Christmas.

Mammy is offended…

Given that everyone is now allowed and encouraged to be offended by absolutely everything, I’ve decided to crack down on the lyrics of other Christmas songs which, let’s be honest, are incredibly offensive to offendable people who like to be offended.

The recent uproar about the dreadfully offensive lyrics of Christmas classic croonfest “Baby It’s Cold Outside” has rightfully opened the door* for all sorts of uproar about every lyric ever written ever.
(*the door was not opened or held open by the song or for the song, but rather automatically so that basic manners might not be perceived as chauvinistic by the easily offended).

It’s only taken us 70 odd years to realise the utterly heinous and terrible connotations of dominance and kidnapping in the lyrics of this shocking song. How were we so naive?
How could we ever have misconstrued the lyrics as a playful interaction between a man and woman, who, at the end of a date are toying with the idea of getting the leg over.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

How dare we see it as a coy, flirtatious exchange in which the man is trying to extend the cuddle time, and the woman, (who quite obviously wants to stay) is playing a little hard to get… by choice.

What were we THINKING? I mean, he’s obviously an evil-demon -from-hell-Mantype.
There’s no way he’s just a man. Or you know, that she’s just a woman, who (shock horror)doesn’t mind the idea of coitus, even though 1940s society would have frowned upon such frivolity.?

Shit Lads, what were we thinking? (Sorry, I shouldn’t say lads. Ladies? No, that too is offensive as it has the word lad in it… )

Eitherway, I am indeed offended by the lyrics.

I shall ignore the fact that it’s one of my favourite Christmas songs and jump onto the offended bandwagon, just because it is cool to be offended by anything and everything.

I am also joining in with the campaign to change or bleep out the word “faggot” from the classic “Fairytale of New York”. It offends me.

Fairytale of New York

Actually, so do the words “Cheap and lousy” as they suggest that I am not willing to spend money. I ‘m offended by the glorification of betting and gambling in the line “Came in eighteen to one” and the OBVIOUS ageism in “An old man said to me won’t see another one”.

I’m also offended by the suggestion that I “can’t face it all alone” or that “I could’ve been someone”. Do NOT TELL ME I can’t be ANYTHING I WANT TO BE! You are OFFENDING MY RIGHTS!

Can we also take out the word “arse” as, you know, offended?
And while we’re at it, let us change the title. Because we should NOT be telling our daughters that Fairytales are a thing. That is making them grow up into the type of woman who gets trapped by the evil demon from hell mantype who wants to drink with her and doesn’t want her to catch cold… Irresponsible parenting is personified in the title.

I am offended.

Other Christmas songs that we should just ban while we’re at it, are:

1. “Frosty the Snowman”. I am offended that this particular snowman is a man. Also, the fact that he is “made of snow” offends me because it suggests that he is weak. He also tells us he’ll “be back again someday”. This offends me as sometimes, people leave This line, therefore, is giving our children a false sense of security.

2. “I saw Mammy kissing Santa Claus” must also go. It reeks of adultery. Where is poor Daddy? Mammy is conveyed as a slut here. She is EXACTLY what the woman in “Baby it’s cold outside” would have turned into, had we not saved her by being offended…

3. “Rudolf the red nosed reindeer”…WHY do we feel the need to differentiate between him and the others based on the colour of his nose? Borders on racism I tell you.

4. “Jingle Bells” has obvious sexual connotations. “All the way” is putting me under pressure. One-horsed open sleigh is OBVIOUSLY animal cruelty. Why aren’t there two horses? And to be politically correct, why is a horse doing the job of a reindeer? Discrimination or equinism gone too far?


5. “All I want for Christmas is you” offends me. It suggests that all women only want a man. Are we not perfectly capable of being fully rounded, successful and whole beings ALONE? Offensive.

6. “Santa Baby” promiscuous wench, bordering on prostitution.


7. “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” – full of threats. Obvious threats. “You’d better watch out. You’d better not cry.” Obviously abusive language.


8. “Driving Home for Christmas” offends me. What if I don’t have a car? What if I’m a stay-at-home-parent who is ALREADY at home? Do you think I want to be listening to a song which puts pressure on me to drive somewhere, JUST so I can drive home again?

9. “I’m dreamin of a White Christmas” – eh racist no?

10. “Live Aid” – ‘Tonight thank God it’s them instead of you’? Well now if THAT isn’t offensive, I just don’t know.

Actually, can we move away from Christmas songs? There are many other offensive tunes on our radios each day.

“Dontchya wish your girlfriend was hot like me” offends me. What if Nicole Sherzimeister actually means it and is going to steal my Husband who might agree that she is indeed “hotter” than his plain old boring wife? Offended.

“Bohemian Rhapsody?” – Violence!? Offended by Mama pulling a trigger.

I’m pretty sure the word “Fandango” should offend me too…

Would you like me to go on? I could you know? I could find offence in f*cking Nursery Rhymes if I felt like it.

But do you know the thing about being easily offended?


You don’t get a rash. You don’t get a badge. You just get tired with all the energy it takes to be OFFENDED BY EVERYTHING ALL THE FECKING TIME!

Have I offended you?

Whatever. You’ll survive.

Write a letter to Santa or The Grinch. He can put you on his ever growing “offended” list.

It’s on the page after the Naughty List ends.