Hollywood star Jamie Dornan is adored by fans all over the world, but his eldest daughter has a completely different idea about her dad’s day job.

The Northern Ireland actor and model is known for his role in Fifty Shades and has been named Sexiest Man alive on numerous occasions, but his daughter Dulcie (5) thinks his career is much less glamorous.

Instead, little Dulcie thinks her dad is a tractor driver!

Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner and their two daughters live in rural England. He said that every time the family drive past a field, one of the girls points at a tractor and says, “Look Daddy, that’s what you do.”

“I tried to tell her one time that I was an actor and because we live in the countryside with a lot of tractors, she somehow put the two together and I became a tractor driver in her head,” Dornan told the Irish Sun.

Fifty Shades Freed

Dornan said he is happy for his girls to think he works on a farm until his films become more suitable for them to see.

The actor is transitioning from the steamy Fifty Shades series to voice a character in Dreamworks’ Trolls sequel, which is due for release in 2020. The animated film will be Dornan’s first kids-friendly role.

In between shooting Hollywood movies and drama series, Dornan said he is loving family life and describes every day as ‘an amazing experience.’ He said being a dad is the role he takes most seriously.

He said: “I love what I do for a living and you can go on meaningful journeys and give a lot of your soul to things – sometimes it touches people in a nice way and sometimes, it’s purely entertainment, job to job.

“But essentially, it’s a job to me. Real life is at home, in the countryside, a couple of hours outside London.

“That’s the choice we made for our kids to give them space and have a normal life away from flashing bulbs. We prefer it that way.”