Looking for a fresh new start? Here's a course that could motivate you to take the leap.

Ambitious applicants are being invited to sign up for the RESTART-EMPOWER-SUPPORT (RES) programme by Rural Enterprise Skillnet.

Workshops are set to begin in Donegal Town from September 18th for women aged 35+ looking to upskill or return to the workplace.

If you need help with your career path, CV or interview skills, this course could be a step in the right direction.

RES focuses on interview skills preparation.

RESTART-EMPOWER-SUPPORT (RES) programme is designed for women, age 35 plus whom have been out of the workplace for 3-years plus for the development of new-job related skills. The participants will have taken a break from employment due to family, caring roles, illness, voluntary career break or a period of unemployment.

It will allow women to enhance their own skills and abilities, challenge what they know about the transferable skills they already have while building confidence, assertiveness to believe in themselves and their future. Gaining a road map for their future whether that is in further training or in employment. Offering them an opportunity for a second chance in their career advancement.


  • Support the emotional and confidence needed to succeed with the entire programme ahead.
  • To encourage and assist women to become aware of their strengths and transferrable skills.
  • Build trust and confidence. Set goals.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills needed to restart a new employment or training phase in their life.
  • Introduce women to new networks that will support them in their future plans.
  • Return to education and/or return to work / new career.
  • New confidence in their ability with a fresh outlook on life and career.
  • Career guidance in the right direction (1-2-1 Career Coaching sessions).
  • Ability to job search more effectively.
  • Gain a professional CV and cover letter.
  • Interview skills preparation.
  • Action plan to move forward – Success!

Course commences September 18th – November 20th (10-weeks) in Donegal Town from 9.30am-2.30pm.

The workshops are delivered through presentation, discussions, group work, question and answers, small group exercises, personal work and peer support and involvement throughout the session, ensuring opportunities for questions and clarification. Speakers invited include private enterprise, recruitment, back to education, women in business, mental health and stylist.

Interested? For more information, contact Brenda Donagher at Rural Enterprise Skillnet on 087 6858550 or manager@ruralenterpriseskillnet.ie