Daniel and Majella had a bit of a ‘rocky’ visit to Donegal in last night’s episode of the B&B Road Trip. Here are the best bits:

The star couple were home in the hills when they visited Mary and Owen Doyle at Greencastle’s award-winning On the Rocks B&B.

Daniel O’Donnell, Mary and Owen Doyle, and Majella O’Donnell at On the Rocks B&B, Greencastle

The episode was a humorous and thrilling adventure showcasing the delights of Donegal.

Some young viewers even took a break from studying for the Leaving Cert to watch their favourite show.

“Study for the LC?? Nah man Daniel and Majella is on x,” one Twitter user wrote.

Daniel and Majella were impressed by their first eco-B&B experience at On the Rocks. They loved the stunning views, the jacuzzi bath… and the leather surprise in the wardrobe!


The couple donned their leathers to join Owen, Mary and their biker gang through the mean streets of Greencastle.

The trip then came to a rocky ending as Daniel took on a 25m abseil with local adventurer Iain Miller from Unique Ascent. It was no bother to Daniel, but Majella was left petrified at the bottom of the cliff.

“You’re in for a very big treat tonight,” Majella roared up to her husband. However, Daniel seemed to be more excited about the jacuzzi after his descent.

Daniel left the field with his hosts saying “I’ll tell ya something, you’ll have to fill that big bath with bubbles tonight.” The episode ended with poor Majella left stranded on the rocks!


Mary and Owen were obviously delighted to host the O’Donnells’ and showcase their unique and modern B&B on the travel series.

“We’re so pleased to have them. They’re such a lovely couple and great ambassadors for Donegal and Ireland,” Mary said.

“We couldn’t have a better person coming to a better part of Donegal,” said Owen.

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