Alan Hughes' accidental x-rated innuendo left the entire TV3 crew in stitches.

On Valentine’s Day, mixologist Darren Geraghty was invited on set to give Ireland AM hosts Alan and Ciara Doherty a tutorial on crafting the perfect Valentine’s cocktail.

“This is actually a special drink as I designed this drink for my girlfriend,” Darren explained as he prepared the shakers.

Without missing a beat, Alan asked a seemingly innocent question, enquiring “when did you first give it to her?”

The entire set dissolved into hysterics as Darren valiantly attempted to keep explaining the drink through fits of giggles.

Donegal presenter Ciara was in tears of laughter as she said “sorry, ah crikey, we’ve been trying all morning but sure look, we try our best.”

“We have to take a break, we have to… goodbye!”