Kincasslagh crooner Daniel O'Donnell is one of Ireland's most famous singers, having amassed fans from across the globe and selling tens of millions of records.

His wife Majella was surprised to learn that Daniel’s fan base also extends beyond the walls of the British Royal Family’s regal abodes!

In a letter to the I Newspaper, photographer David Cruickshanks described how he discovered a collection of Daniel O’Donnell videos at Clarence House, the late Queen Mother’s residence!

After having a chuckle at the recently released list of Osama bin Laden’s film collection, which included the kid’s movies ‘Antz’, ‘Chicken Little’, and ironically a copy of the documentary ‘Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?’, the English man was reminded of a visit he paid to Clarence House.

Cruickshanks had been sent to the regal residence to photograph the Queen’s painting collection for Country Life Magazine when he stumbled upon her vast collection of Wee Daniel’s performances.

“After I had finished snapping the work of George Stubbs and others, I happened to glance down at a coffee table where my gaze was met by a collection of Daniel O’Donnell videos,” he wrote.

“I wonder if the Queen Mum ever sang along to ‘Dear Old Galway Town’ as she looked at her priceless art collection?”

Majella tweeted “Had heard Daniel had a fan in the Royal Family!” – and a rather big fan at that!

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall currently reside at the regal residence. We wonder if Queen Elizabeth passed on her love of Irish music to her grandson – it’s possible that hits such as ‘Destination Donegal’ continue to resound through the halls of the palace!


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