A pranking ritual occurs in the TG4 studio each Halloween, but even stranger things are happening this year...

Donegal presenter Caitlín Nic Aoidh was up to her old tricks again last night as she presented a special TG4 broadcast.

The Gortahork native has been with TG4 since 2014 and has become something of a legend when it comes to Halloween pranks.

Caitlín last night presented a look back at the history of the Irish language station as it marks 21 years on October 31st. However, a series of Snapchat filters warped her face and her script became more and more peculiar.

Caitlín last year shocked viewers during a famous weather report when she was suddenly struck by lightning. She was also seen on air levitating as a floating genie in 2015 – pushing the weather elements to the limit.

It looks like they have great craic in the TG4 studio on Halloween, but be warned, the end of the clip is uafásach!