It's about time we had a Donegal band at the top of the charts, don't you think?

Little Hours’ Too Much Patience EP launched on Friday October 6th, and they are calling on all fans to help them storm the charts in the first week.

Ed Sheeran and Liam Gallagher stand in their way, but the Killybegs outfit are eager to reach the top by Thursday night when the official count takes place.

Vocalist John Doherty told Donegal Daily: “We’ve been delighted with the response to the “Too Much Patience” EP so far. We’re extremely proud of all the songs on there. It’s a bit surreal to see it in the shops and see it rising up the charts! We really need as many people as possible to purchase it now though.

“If we got to Number 1 it would make a huge huge difference to the band and we have a real chance of getting there if we can get Donegal behind us!”

Little Hours

This would be a historic achievement for Little Hours, and for Donegal.

“We would be the first Donegal act since Daniel O’Donnell to do so!” John said.

“Getting there would make a huge difference and really help us take the next step and start making noise all over the world,” he added.

John Doherty – Little Hours

John reminds us that for the EP to chart it must be bought in digital form on iTunes or in a CD from Bandcamp.

For €3.99 on iTunes, fans get five powerful tracks, while supporting local talent. John has also been busy signing limited edition CDs for supporters who purchase from Bandcamp for €5.

Click here to get your EP and help the band out:

Little Hours is a fast-rising indie pop band, with vocalist John Doherty to the fore. They marked a major milestone this summer by playing the main stage at Electric Picnic this year. The band have gathered a strong following with the release of hits including Water and How Could I Love You?. You can hear both tracks and more on the Too Much Patience EP.

Little Hours play Electric Picnic

John is urging Donegal fans to remember that every sale makes a big difference.

“We really think that with Donegal behind us we’ll be able to do it!,” he said.