A poster outlining key mental health services and phone numbers is one of three new suicide prevention resources launched by Connecting for Life Donegal.

Connecting for Life Donegal launched this poster as one of three new suicide prevention resources yesterday as part of World Suicide Prevention Week.

These resources are the latest developments from the Connecting for Life Donegal suicide prevention action plan, aimed at promoting awareness of suicide risk within the county.

The group identified a lack of information about support services among individuals in distress and their families in Donegal.

In response, the poster was developed which outlines key services and contact numbers available in a mental health crisis. This will be publicly available across the county in a range of settings including GP and other health settings, workplaces and a variety of other public and social venues.

The public is encouraged to ‘take a photo’ of the poster so that the information is close to hand should they or someone they are concerned about ever need it.

Another measure introduced by Connecting for Life Donegal is a GP Patient Pathway for those experiencing a suicidal crisis. This pathway provides a structured guide for GPs to ensure that individuals, depending on their level of suicide risk, are directed to the most appropriate service. The pathway will be distributed to every GP in the county immediately.

Plus, a  Family Information Pack has been designed to be issued when a loved one is admitted to the acute psychiatric unit.

Dr Collette Cory, NSRF. Photo: Clive Wasson

Speaking at the launch Dr Collette Cory of the National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF) discussed the development of a Family Information Pack stating “This Pack addresses the important issues and questions which family members may have on admission of a loved one to the acute inpatient unit, such as how to explain mental health problems to children and how to support a family member following discharge from the acute inpatient unit.

“This pack will be given to family members following admission of a family member to the inpatient unit. We are hopeful that it will prove to be an invaluable resource to family members”.