The S-Mum, Maria, shares her 5 top parenting life-hacks!

So we have survived the first week of normality and reality with everyone back to School, Childcare and work.  

I don’t know how you other Mammies are feeling this morning, but I for one am exhaustipated.  

Even though the girls have been up around 7am most mornings over the summer, suddenly having to have everyone out the door, fully dressed and even partially fed, has been a challenge.  


It will take a few weeks to get back into the swing of it, but here are a few things that I did this week which helped, if only a little bit.

  1. Meal plan:  I did out a plan for the week of what meals we’d be eating and then based the shopping list on what I needed for these. Mini-Me’s lunch tends to be the same every day, so that is handy and I’ll get back into the habit of making extra dinner for me to have as lunch the next day too. (These wee planners can be bought for €1.50 in Dealz.)  It’s now Sunday morning and the list worked so well, that there is NOTHING left in the fridge and so we might just have to go out for Brunch. 
  2. All hail the Slowcooker:  Unfortunately, with The Him and Jim working 482 hours per week, family dinners are only a weekend thing here, so yes I usually end up cooking twice a day. When I’m off, this is not a problem, but now back at work, where you have to condense your whole day into 2 hours, it becomes one. And so my trusty slowcooker will be returned to regular use.
  3. Get up early:  Yeah yeah, cliched I know, but it is so true.  I’m an early bird; not because I like getting out of bed.  No.  I LOVE my bed.  But I also love having an uninterrupted shower and a full hot cup of coffee.  If I’m not up at least 40 minutes before the girls, morning melts into mayhem.  But if I can be up, washed, caffeinated, muck-uped and have the lunches packed BEFORE the babylink starts to flash, things are a whole lot more peaceful.  If all I have to do is to focus on getting THEM ready, we can do it with a LOT less stress than if we all fall out of bed at the same time.
  4. Daily Drawers:  I introduced this little trick when Mini-Me was in Naionra and it’s working a treat again already.  I bought this stack of drawers and labeled the front.  Every Sunday, I put clean pants and socks into the drawers.  Her PE gear goes into the day she has PE and her shoes go into the bottom drawer every evening when she takes them off and the uniform hangs beside it.  She loves it and it means we don’t have the “Wherethefeckareyourshoesforgodssakewewillbelate” debacle every morning!  It’s also great for encouraging them to dress themselves.
  5. Clean on a Thursday night:  Since I have been working, even before I had the girls, I have always tried to be in the habit of cleaning on a Thursday.  I do whatever washing needs to be done, clean the bathrooms, hoover and mop, and give the kitchen a once over.  It means that when we get home on a Friday evening, the house is more pleasant than usual. And while the breakfast dishes and mess from Friday morning might be waiting for us, the house itself is generally clean and so apart from throwing uniforms and work clothes in the machine on Friday night, Mammy can focus on important things when they go to bed on Friday night… like what I’m going to watch and whether I want red or white!  


Now, do NOT get me wrong.  Mary Poppins I am not, but these are 5 things that are GENERALLY easy to turn into habits.  Apart from the odd week, I’ll manage to maintain most of these goals and therefore, most of my sanity!  

If you have any other tricks of #parentingwin hacks, please share them in the comments.