TV3 presenter Alan Hughes was given the five-star treatment when he visited Donegal last week!

Alan Hughes was on a pursuit to learn more about catching Donegal’s famous fish – and more importantly, eating them! He also enjoyed the craic and ceol at Harvey’s Point’s famous Wednesday night cabaret.

Local fisherman Michael O Callaghan from Wild Atlantic Way Angling took Alan out on his boat, Leah-C. The pair ventured into Killybegs bay, and after being shown the ropes Alan was delighted to catch a pollock and a few mackerel.

They then sailed back to shore and made their way to Harvey’s Point, where Alan was greeted by Noel Cunningham.

Chefs Colin Mc Kee and Christopher McMenamin were at hand to help Alan cook his pollock in the summer sunshine, with Colin seasoning and cooking the fish and Christopher whipping up tomato and mint chutney, tomato and dill chutney, chopped fennel, braised fennel, reduced seafood stock, and serving it all up with a generous portion of mouthwatering baby potatoes.

“When people come here they know the food is fresh and beautifully prepared… that looks absolutely amazing,” Alan said as he admired the beautifully presented plate of food prepared by the chefs.

Harvey’s Point has won countless awards, having been named Hotel of the Year in the prestigious Georgina Campbell awards and topping TripAdvisor’s awards for Best Hotel.

“You know me too well,” he laughed as a waiter handed him a glass of bubbly.

Alan also went along to the Harvey’s Point Cabaret, where Donegal’s own Noel Cunningham is the star!

“This cabaret has been going on for nearly twenty years, and we needed something in Donegal to attract people to come and stay in Donegal for a longer period of time, that’s why the cabaret has proved to be a huge success as people come for three or four or five days and enjoy fabulous Donegal and stay here at Harvey’s Point and they’ve something to dress up for,” Noel told Alan.

Award winning country singer Cliona Hagan says there’s something for everyone at the cabaret; “You’ve got comedians, you’ve got dancers, you’ve got other wonderful singers so I’m delighted that little old Cliona here could get in and sing!”

Alan also met Gary Gamble, who demonstrated his incredibly accurate Daniel O’Donnell impression. Irish dancers Aine and Gerard Byrne were also performing on the night, and have both been dancing since they were just 5 years old!

Alan Hughes had a fantastic time visiting the Coolest Place on the Planet and thoroughly enjoyed the warm hospitality that Donegal people are famous for.