Jiu jitsu instructor Bryan Gorman gave one student a shocking promotion when he asked her to be his fiancee.

Bryan, co-owner of DT Fitness in Donegal Town, made an unexpected move on student and girlfriend Emer Martin.

Bryan surprised Sligo native Emer when he called her out in class for a promotion, but instead got down on one knee and proposed!

Bryan and Emer

Speaking to Donegal Woman, Bryan said he confused Emer by asking her to step forward during this routine part of the class.

“I would normally line everyone up after the class and promote students if they deserve a promotion, stripe or change of belt.

“I you have four stripes on your belt you change colour, but Emer has a white belt and wasn’t due a change, that’s why you see her looking down at hers in the video,” Bryan said.

Bryan had planned the whole thing, and made sure to have someone recording the priceless moment.

The video gone viral in just two days and the couple are getting congratulations from all over the world. Bryan too has earned much praise as an old romantic!

“There was a big reaction to it, I wasn’t expecting that,” Bryan said.

Emer had a different take on the video, commenting just one word: Morto ??❤️

The proposal happened on August 1st, before the happy couple jetted off on holiday to celebrate for a week.

Bryan and Emer have been going out for seven years and Emer has trained at DT Fitness for the past couple of years.

Congratulations to Bryan and Emer. We think Bryan has earned himself some stripes in the art of romance!

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