The La Maison interior designers share an inside glimpse into their Commercial Interior Design Project at Sage Restaurant Letterkenny.

The La Maison Interior Design team have just completed a stunning commercial interior design refurbishment of Restaurant Sage on the Port Rd in Letterkenny. Sage has been under the stewardship of the very talented Garvin Gallagher since 2012 and whilst the menu is simply amazing and firm favourite for the La Maison team, Garvin felt that the décor didn’t reflect the standard of his delicious culinary creations!

The previous décor, pictured below presented a few problems. Claire was assigned to the project on a two week deadline and began to work quickly with Garvin and his fantastic team of restaurant staff and contractors.

Claire quickly diagnosed three problem areas, developed a concept/design scheme with welcoming, fresh colours and outlined a plan to update all aspects of the décor.

The brief was very simple to solve the following 3 problems through a new interior design scheme…

  •   First it was a mix of previous styles, which meant it didn’t have a coherent design nor colour scheme.
  •   Secondly, the entrance was a little on the plain side and did not communicate the warm welcome that awaited inside and there was no clear waiting bar seating
  •  Finally it had a very open space in the centre (which made it difficult to create intimate spaces for couples) and this also resulted in a cool, echo feeling for clients/diners

La Maison transformation of Sage Letterkenny

The most important step for The La Maison design team was to decide upon a welcoming, fresh and consistent interior design scheme for the Restaurant Sage.

Following a presentation of two very different options by Claire, Garvin decided upon a muted, contemporary scheme based around three stunning coordinated wallpapers, vibrant, jeweled toned block colours in the upholstery and statement lighting to bring contrast, intimacy and style.

This started at the entrance by using a stunning feather wallpaper, contrasted with a masculine leather buttoned chaise with luxurious velvet cushions in sharp tones. A perfect spot for a selfie when out on the town?

La Maison transformation of Sage Letterkenny

The gorgeous mustard shade in the cushions was then brought onto the walls of the newly created waiting area adjacent to the bar, helping to define this special area.

The lack of privacy and echo felt previously was addressed by the creation of some specially designed dividers upholstered in rich velvet and then linked to the main seating with stunning bark wallpaper. These units give tables either side some intimacy and visually make the space more interesting.

The stunning light fittings add some rich texture to the scheme, set against the beautiful wallpapers and throwing some fabulous shapes onto the subtlety painted ceiling. We love the backdrop of soft, muted greys and the textures of panelling, velvets and wallpapers.

La Maison transformation of Sage Letterkenny

We loved working this project with all the team from painters, electricians, upholsterer and carpenters. A fabulous team!

Lots of other little design delights could be shared but we would love to you visit Sage and discover those for yourself.

La Maison transformation of Sage Letterkenny

Even though we have shared a commercial interior design project with you in this blog, the principles and ideas are very similar to how we might approach the design of your space or problem area in your home.

Consultation with you, diagnosing problem areas, discussing your requirements, setting a budget (we can work within any budget!) then putting together a design concept that you will be as happy with as Restaurant Sage are.

Call us on (074) 916 1694 to discuss any interior design projects you are planning and get social with us on our facebook pag