This short story takes us to another relatable scenario - the frightening setting of a first-time fitness class.

The Donegal Woman’s Words creative series returns with another tale from Moville writer Sharon Thompson. This week we are joining two ladies in the yoga studio!

Life is Good

‘Yoga for Beginners’ is filling up. Hetty hauls up her new leggings, ‘I shouldn’t have bought these Mildred. That full-length mirror, at the top of class, isn’t forgiving.’

‘My sports bra’s very tight,’ whispers Mildred. Adjusting it isn’t possible, as two middle-aged men have arrived in skimpy shorts. Everyone is vying for a bit of personal space beside colourful mats. Being early, the best friends have been shuffled to the top of the class.

‘Everyone’s behind us,’ Hetty moans loudly, fixing her perm with her fingers.

‘We’ve a nice view though,’ says the man with a greasy comb-over.

‘I’m 65 and married! I take no nonsense,’ Hetty says over her shoulder.

The man mutters, ‘only being friendly.’

Mildred’s quiet as usual.

A young, male instructor has appeared in front of the class. The tightest pink t-shirt is stretched to capacity, over very toned arms and abdomen. His big feet are tanned.

‘Oh my,’ Hetty gasps.

‘Welcome…,’ the instructor says running his hands through blonde hair, ‘but we need naked feet people.’ He rubs his square jaw as Hetty stares and Mildred removes her new Nike runners.

‘My name’s Tony. This is different to most classes you’ve been to.’

‘I’m a yoga virgin,’ Hetty gushes and stoops awkwardly to loosen her red laces. There are a few giggles.

‘She’s 65 and takes no nonsense,’ says the man with the comb-over.

‘That was because you were teasing me earlier.’ Hetty is crimson and swinging round to defend herself.

Tony interrupts, ‘Sure life’s good. Let us all begin. Take three, cleansing breaths as we all lean forward slowly. Try to touch your toes.’

Hetty and Mildred do as instructed.

‘Life sure is good,’ mutters a male voice. ‘That cranky 65 year old’s leggings, are rightly ripped already.’

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