Figures released by children's charity Barnardos has revealed that 2,777 children are currently without a home - the highest number of homeless children ever recorded in Ireland.

Earlier this year, the Government vowed to end by July the use of hotels and B&Bs as long-term accommodation for homeless families.

Saturday last marked the start of July and presently there are 1,312 families in Ireland without a home, many of whom continue to live in hotels and B&Bs.

Source: Barnardos

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy admits that they missed this deadline, adding that an extra €10 million will be allocated towards the family hub programme to accommodate 200 more families, as well as the 600 that are already moving in to such accommodation.

June Tinsley, Barnardos Head of Advocacy said; “Being homeless has a profound effect on children’s health, well-being, development and life potential.

“The Government promised to provide homeless families with more suitable accommodation by mid-2017 and this has not yet happened, meanwhile children and families suffer in inappropriate and unsuitable accommodation.

“The Government needs to ensure suitable alternative accommodation for these families immediately.

“Barnardos recommends that the Government prioritise building more social housing units to increase supply and reduce the over reliance on the private rented sector, while also ensuring that Rent Supplement and HAP rates are in line with market rents, preventing more families from losing their homes.”

“A more aggressive approach is required to tackle the ever deepening housing crisis. These figures also do not reflect the number of ‘hidden homeless’ families who do not appear on the official register.

“Thousands of families in Ireland are living in overcrowded, substandard or unsafe accommodation because they have no other options.”