Donegal ladies player Karen Guthrie was overcome with emotion last night as Donegal defeated Armagh to reach the Ulster final

The Donegal ladies came from eleven points down after a first half in which they failed to score to topple Armagh and reach the Ulster final.

“Absolutely crazy,” Guthrie, her voice quivering said.

“We went in and whatever happened….there was such a strong wind, but if they could score 1-8 in the first half so could we in the second half.”

Guthrie was to the fore in the second half as Donegal won 1-14 to 1-10.

The Glenfin woman said: “We have serious, serious players and you have to maintain your trust in them and believe in everybody.

“I was really worried that we wouldn’t get to show all the hard work or be able to express that. Ulster is always what we were worried about. Armagh came in a wee bit under the radar but they’re a quality side. I’m delighted that we came through in the second half.”

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