A fully inflated Dungloe Ladies' GAA football was found washed up on a beach - in Scotland!

CLG An Clochán Liath shared the picture this afternoon of the man who found the ball, holding a map with hearts representing where the football began and ended its journey across the sea.

Incredibly, the ball floated over 300 kilometers to reach Arthur in the Hebrides.

Arthur Heyes wrote to CLG An Clochán Liath and said “Hi, just thought you might be interested to hear that yesterday I found washed up on a beach in North Uist, Scotland, a fully inflated, perfect condition Dungloe Ladies GAA football.

“Either one of your ladies has a particularly powerful shot (throw? punt? – I’m not really up on the rules) or the ball has survived a seaborne journey of 100s of miles. Respect to the quality of your Gaelic footballs.”