A Letterkenny hotel was the scene for a perfectly 'imperfect' wedding speech last week which is making waves online.

Bridesmaid Ciara Whoriskey paid tribute to happy newlyweds Kerrie and Rachael Costello in a fresh and funny way – reworking the lyrics of One Direction’s Perfect.

Strabane women Kerrie and Rachael were married in the Radisson Blu hotel in Letterkenny on the 12th May. At their reception, their bridesmaid made a lyrical speech which worked a no-holds-barred roasting into a call for everyone to raise a glass to celebrate the marriage.

The song is far from Perfect, as Ciara warns her long-time friend Kerrie – ‘It’s just a verse or two, about some things we’ve been through, and you should be nervous, cause I’ve got some sh*t on you.”

There are many revelations about poor Kerrie, which only a best friend could publicise! Ciara looks back on how they met and some funny moments in their relationship, with lyrics including: “If you like someone who’ll cater to your every need, if you’d like someone who’s nose is almost too small to breathe, then Rachael she’s perfect.

“If you’d like to spend your days off watching documentaries, if you’d like someone who’s had their share of run-ins with the police, if you’d like to date somebody less hot than me, then Rachael she’s perfect.”

The bridesmaid from Derry makes plenty of digs at her friend’s best and worst qualities, but it’s all with good intentions and showed how flaws can make couples perfect for each other too.

Check out the full song here: