The Donegal Youth Service have relaunched their Young Adult Support Service for 18-25 year-olds, writes Callum Lavery.

The service is in association with Aware and Mental Health Ireland originally ran in March last year and was called a resounding success by the DVS. The service aims to help young people aged from 18 to 25 to work together to manage problems and meet up with their peers.

“The group is not what you’d think – it’s not a bunch of young people sitting around feeling sad and awkward, it’s actually really chilled out, fun, uplifting and interesting. I would recommend checking it out, you’ve a lot to gain and nothing to lose – there’s no commitment, if it is not for you, then there’s no pressure to come back but there is a fantastic opportunity to make friends, learn better-coping skills and feel better,” says Teen Talk Coordinator Louise Lynch.

The previous group which ran from March 2016 was attended by 10 young people from the local area. The group met weekly from 11am to 1pm on Tuesday afternoons.

It was originally difficult to organise a group, “getting them in the door was hard,” said Lynch. “18 to 25 is a really tough time right now, in one meeting we spent a whole 2 hours on the recession and the effect it had on them.”

Lynch called the support service a ‘conversational group’ who met up weekly for tea, coffee and a talk on the couch.

“We asked the group ‘what do you want to do’ and allowed them to agree on the meeting time, topics and the activities… it was a 12 week programme based on them.” said Lynch.

Louise said that during the meetings, one girl would crochet, while another constantly doodled and that the environment was very relaxed.

After the 12 weeks programme ended, over six of the young people continued to meet up afterwards. “It was a bit of structure and socialising in their life,” said Lynch.

The new support group is beginning soon in the Letterkenny Centre at 16-18 Port Road. Anyone who feels that they or someone they know may benefit from this group can contact Louise directly at:
Mobile: 085 2553816
Landline: 074 9129640

Or more information can be found on the Donegal Youth Service website here