It's set to be another gloriously sunny day in Donegal as we enjoy some true summer weather for the beginning of May.

Beach day anyone?

Today’s (Wednesday) temperatures are set to reach highs of 17 degrees and it will be another dry and cloud-free day.

The good weather is forecast to stay here until the beginning of next week, so take this chance to get out an explore sunny Donegal in all its glory.

Met Eireann has said Donegal and the North-West is going to get the most sunshine this week.

Forecaster Vincent O’Shea said the counties which usually don’t get the best weather (that’s us!) are going to experience the highest temperatures.

He said “It’s going to be dry and sunny for the rest of the week, including the weekend, it won’t be beach weather as such but it will be fine and dry although overall it might be a little breezier than it was on Monday and Tuesday.

“There will be lots of sun, particularly in the west and northwest, it will be warmest there and today it should reach 15-17C.

“It could be slightly cooler along the east coast due to sea breezes but it’ll get gradually warmer as you move inland.

“Down south it could be cloudier, particularly in Cork where this might develop into some light showers on Saturday.

“In the south and east of the country it will be around 12-14C, although it really will vary depending where you are.

“So basically it looks like the counties that you normally wouldn’t expect to enjoy the best weather will over the next couple of days.”

The weekend is set to be somewhat cooler but remaining dry and clear. Monday will heat up again, with temperatures nudging close to 20 degrees Celsius in western areas. The sun with shine throughout until Tuesday, after which low pressure may bring more unsettled conditions.

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