Bridal columnist Carina Monteith shares smart ideas for saving money on wedding decor.

Décor is a ‘Nice to have’ rather than a ‘Have to have’ (in my opinion!) There is no denying that draping and venue dressing can really make a difference to a venue and create a WOW effect. This is great, if it’s within your budget. If not then there are a few smart ways to get the most from your existing suppliers –

    • Ask your florist about ceremony décor as they often have elements that are perfect for adding a little something. Also, use your flowers from the ceremony in your reception room just ask someone to stay behind after the ceremony and take them to your reception venue for you.
    • Find out what your reception venue have for their own functions! Most hotels will have the basics in terms centrepieces and linens – some even have their own chair covers or better again they may have nice chairs that don’t need to be covered! Work with what they have and it may mean you having to add a few things to make it the way you want rather than hiring everything.
    • A little DIY in the right places can save you some money but remember to keep it simple! Trying to recreate a 5ft light up flower wall probably isn’t the best idea but tying a few pew ends together sounds doable!
    • Get family and friends to help out. You will be surprised at the talents of your nearest and dearest once you let them know what you are looking for! People love to help out when it comes to weddings so don’t be afraid to ask for help from those closest to you.
    • Get the experts on board! This may seem to contradict the money saving tips I’ve given you previously but when you think about the amount of time, money and effort it takes to source everything you need, put it all together, transport it and set it up on the day then you may realise your saving very little! Having someone who is a professional can save you a lot of unnecessary time wasting and stress. Look for a company who can tailor a package to your budget and you can prioritise where you spend your budget.
    • If you do decide to go full on DIY then MAKE A PLAN!! Don’t just start buying every pretty wedding related item you see or you will end up filling your spare room before you know it. Take your time, browse for ideas, get an overall theme for your wedding and then choose simple projects that will match in with you theme. Cost it up first (not forgetting the hours you will spend doing it) and decide if the savings are worth it!


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