Bridal columnist Carina Monteith looks at how you can add traditional elements to your wedding and make them your own.

There are lots of traditions associated with weddings but this little rhyme is perhaps one of the best known of all. Maybe you aren’t in any way superstitious and think it’s all nonsense but do you really want to take the risk with the biggest day of your life? Read on…

A little something blue is easy to incorporate into your wedding attire and most brides will go for the usual option of a little blue bow on their garter. Thankfully the whole garter tradition of your new hubby removing it with his teeth in front of Great Aunty Gwen is dying out, so we have to think of new and innovative ways to include this little gem of luck into your day!

Blue Shoes aren’t just for Elvis you know! Give your Wedding Dress a little splash of colour by wearing your ‘Something Blue’ as your shoes. Perfect to wear time and time again so you can splash out a little (think price per wear!!) and if it’s good enough for Olivia Palermo!

Take inspiration from Olivia Palermo and her Manolo Blahnik Shoes. Image via Pinterest

A fab and subtle way to add your something blue is on your nails – a perfect adornment for your wedding finger!


If you have a traditional Irish Granny anything like mine then you will know all about the little blue holy medal pins. This is exactly what I had as my something blue which I placed in my bouquet alongside 2 little keepsakes of my 2 grandads.

My own something blue

An idea that I’ve seen grow in popularity is one that honours a special person who can’t be with you on your wedding day. Sew a little heart shaped patch from an old shirt of theirs into your dress to have them close by. Such a lovely thoughtful gesture ❤

Image via

Traditions are only traditions if they mean something to you so don’t feel the need to ‘conform’. If you want your something blue to be bright blue hair then so for it or if you think something red is more you then that’s cool too. It’s your day so do it your way!


All the Wedding Best Carina x

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