Bridal expert Carina Monteith from Team Bride shares some wedding advice you probably haven't heard before, but you need to note.

When you are planning a wedding, you will have lots of people giving you advice on everything from your venue choice to your guest list – whether you have asked for that advice or not! You tend to hear the same things repeatedly but here’s a few little random bits of advice that you can thank me for later!

Pack a picnic! My Sister in law did this for our wedding and it was such a clever idea. Generally, you are up early the morning of your Wedding and even if you are able to eat a good breakfast it’s a good few hours until your reception meal. Pack a little hamper of sandwiches and nibbles so that you and the Bridal Party can stop the tummy rumbling and keep up your strength during the photo session.

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One of the most frustrating elements of wedding planning is dealing with RSVPs from guests. It is unbelievable just how many people forget to include their names when they send you a RSVP so when you open it you have no idea who has accepted your invitation! An easy way to combat this is to include a numbered RSVP card with your invite and keep a list of which numbers correspond with which guest – easy!

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Take your dress cover to the hotel the day before the wedding when you are leaving your luggage so that you have something to put your dress in to take home. I ended up rolling my dress into a ball and carrying it under my arm!

Lots more random bits of advice to share with you over the next few weeks so keep an eye!
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