Donegal singer Daniel O'Donnell swears by bringing one unusual item to bed to deal with his Restless Leg Syndrome.

Daniel and Majella’s B&B Road Trip

The star has admitted that he has a vast collection of hotel toiletries from his touring and travels on Daniel and Majella’s B&B Road Trip, which include a range of soap bars for one special purpose.

“You know the wee bars of soap? They are very good if you have Restless Legs Syndrome. Put them at the bottom on your bed – I’ll probably be struck off for this – but it definitely gets rid of it if your legs are uneasy.”

“Any bar of soap, down the bottom of the bed – there’s something in the soap that calms your legs.”

Daniel told Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles on Saturday Live, BBC Radio 4, that he would love to see his hit bed and breakfast show hit TV screens in the UK.

The series has been an even bigger ratings success after it switched from UTV Ireland to RTE.

Daniel said that he didn’t know if the show would be aired in the UK and it depended on whether a broadcaster would be interested in taking it. “We just had a lot of fun going around staying in Bed and Breakfast houses and interacting with people.

The Kincasslagh singer said he didn’t actually realise that the show was a reality show!

“It’s a reality show, apparently. I didn’t realise it was….until we were doing it and somebody said to me, ‘You’re doing a reality show? And it was just before I didn’t Strictly and nobody was supposed to know about Strictly.”

“I said “Oh, that’s a travel show. But it is a reality show, I suppose,” he said.

Strictly Come Dancing – Daniel O’Donnell and dancing partner Kristina Rihanoff

Daniel also commented on the exhausting efforts required to stay in the Strictly Come Dancing 2015 edition. He was the third celebrity to be voted out of the competition. “I nearly died,” he said.

“It was a very pleasant death. When I’m touring I say thank you to the people who voted for us, and I say ‘Thank you very much the week you didn’t vote’.”