A man has made an incredible impression in a buy and sell shop in Derry which has led to an appeal to ensure he becomes the rightful owner of a special guitar.

The man, who is thought to be from Donegal, came to the Cash Maker store in Derry yesterday, March 18th, and began to play a guitar. He played the instrument so beautifully that it has an instant impact on another customer, David Wilson.

“While I was there a wee old man came in and started playing a really old Jim Deacon acoustic guitar. The sound was really beautiful, like an old forties guitar sound,” Wilson said.

Wilson said that he and the man talked for a while before the man left without buying the acoustic guitar. Wilson bought the guitar for himself, but made a shocking discovery sometime later.

He discovered that the man had returned to the shop in search of the old Jim Deacon acoustic guitar, but it was gone. The man may have gone out to get money for the purchase.

“He should own that guitar,” Wilson said.

Wilson was devastated to hear that the man wasn’t able to get the guitar and believes that he should be the rightful owner. He launched a Facebook appeal to find the man. He was told by shop staff that the man may be from Donegal, and described him as being in his 60s with white hair.

“I would love to get the guitar to him,” Wilson said, and is hopeful that someone will know him and put him in contact with the store.

The appeal has been shared widely across the northwest, as many people praise the kindness of Wilson’s gesture.