Well known Irish fitness expert, Pat Divilly joined climbing guru Iain Miller and campaign founder Nikki Bradley on a truly unique climb on Sunday last.

Nikki Bradley

The trio set off early Sunday morning in search of Donegal’s hidden gem, ‘The Great Pollet Sea Arch which is located in Fanad.

They arrived just as the sun appeared and successfully climbed up, and abseiled off the 120ft arch.

Nikki, a well-known inspirational speaker and cancer survivor from Letterkenny, described the view from the top as ‘absolutely stunning’.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better day for it. I would highly recommend people make the trip to Fanad to see this masterpiece for themselves. However, I wouldn’t recommend you attempt to climb it without an expert such as Iain.

“Parts of the climb were slick with grease from rain and I struggled at times to find grip. Pat made the trip from Galway to join us and got to see Donegal on a most perfect day.’

The arch is not unlike Malta’s famous Azure Window and the significance of the climb so close to the falling of the Azure was not lost on them.

“It felt very fitting to climb the Pollet sea arch this week,” remarked Nikki.