Danielle Stewart, a Donegal-born female dairy farmer is set to appear on an all-female panel on tonight's Late Late Show.

Ryan Tubridy, The Late Late Show

Danielle is a 22-year-old farmer from Donegal who is breaking down barriers in her field. She currently manages a 170-cow farm in Westmeath.

Ryan Tubridy will be welcoming Danielle and two other young women to explore the issue that just 12 per cent of Irish farms are owned by women. That figure is set to rise with more women studying agriculture in college and the old-fashioned attitude that sons should, literally, inherit the earth disappears.

Karen Elliffe, Danielle Stewart and Ashleigh Fennell will be discussing why they have chosen a life on the land. The three women will discuss what it’s like to work as a woman in a predominantly male-environment, dealing with the physicality of farming and discuss why some farmers are keen to keep their land in the family name.

Also tonight on the chat show, the Tuam Babies story will take prominence, as historian Catherine Corless will tell her story.

Without the extraordinary persistence of Catherine Corless the fate of the Tuam Babies may never have come to light. She’ll be joining Ryan Tubridy to talk about why she was so determined to get to the truth and persevered despite coming under intense pressure from people who doubted the veracity of her claims. She will also be joined in studio by survivors of the Mother and Baby homes.

Mentalist Keith Barry will be in studio to read the minds of The Late Late Show audience, revealing their inner most thoughts in front of the nation.

Three faces from the new documentary Autism and Me will be sharing their experiences. Aautism rights advocate and AsIAm founder Adam Harris, 11-year-old Hughie Malone, and Niamh Biddulph will discuss the documentary which explores the autism spectrum through the experiences of some of those young people.

One of Ireland’s most successful trainers Ted Walsh will be in studio as Irish racing fans prepare to decamp to Cheltenham for the week. Ted will be chatting about his legendary career and giving viewers his hot tips for the upcoming festival.

Plus, music will be from The Blades and Áine Cahill.

Tune in to RTÉ One tonight at 9.35pm to see The Late Late Show.