Anna Farren from Farrenwide paints a pretty picture of one of the coziest cafes in the county.

For all things cute and floral, I escaped to the Thyme Out cafe and tea rooms adjacent to Alcorn’s Garden Centre, Letterkenny.

At the beginning of Lent, it seems almost unfair to boast the most mouth-watering of home-baked goodies in Thyme Out café (and although it’s a bit late to tell you now, you can keep in mind for next year, that they too offer tasty pancakes on Pancake Tuesday)!

In the meantime, however, you can pop in for all sorts of delicious bites, both savoury and sweet, snacks and full meals.

Walls dotted with clocks and quirks, you won’t find the time slipping through your fingers in this, what I would consider, the cosiest shed in Ireland!

In keeping with the idea that the flower shop is only just next door, floral prints drape the tables and appear on all the crockery.

So for some tea and chats after possibly a busy day shopping in Letterkenny, or indeed, to pick up flowers for Mother’s Day, I always make it my business to find an excuse to escape to the florals of Thyme Out Cafe, Letterkenny.

See you there, very soon!