Bridal expert Carina Monteith from Team Bride describes what to expect at a wedding dress trunk show.

Did you know that the average Bridal Collection consists of approx. 80-100 dresses? With each designer usually launching 2 collections a year that’s up to 200 dresses from each designer. Then consider that the average Bridal Shop houses around 6 different designers – that adds up to a crazy amount of dresses to choose from!

It’s impossible for each Bridal Store to have the full collection so they will choose the dresses they think will best suit their brides and will select dresses from each collection to have in store as samples. So, this is when a Trunk Show or Designer Weekend is the ideal opportunity to view a full collection from a Designer that you like!

The Designer will loan the Bridal Shop their collection over a weekend so that lucky brides can view and try on their most recent collection in full!

A few things to note about a Trunk Show –

  • As the dresses are the Designer’s samples they are usually all size 8-10 but this trend is starting to change and more and more designers are adding a range of sizes to their samples
  • Know that you like the designer! An event like this isn’t ideal if you haven’t tried on dresses previously as its usually only one designer whose collection is on show. Instead, look out for Designer Weekends for collections that you have tried and know you like
  • Bring your deposit! Usually the designer will offer brides a discount to purchase their dress during a Trunk Show and you don’t want to miss out on that!
  • Be prepared to Say Yes! It may sound silly but it’s important that you are ready to buy your dress. As the dresses are in on loan and not usually available to try in store then you may not have the chance to try it again. Make sure you have everyone with you that you need so that you are free to SAY YES!!
  • Don’t be surprised if the Bridal Shop ask for a booking fee for this type of event as appointments will be in demand and they don’t want to run the risk of people not turning up. Most Bridal Shops will refund in the form of a Credit so you aren’t really paying anyway.
  • Cherish the Opportunity. Some of the bigger Bridal Shops have the added bonus of the actual designer being in store for the Trunk Show! Just think how amazing it would be to meet the designer of your wedding dress <3

As with all Bridal Appointments, relax and enjoy the experience. Trunk Shows and Designer weekends are always a highlight for Bridal Shops and believe me the consultants enjoy seeing all the fab dresses just as much as you!

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