Things have gotten very emotional across Donegal this Valentine's Day after one couple shared some wonderful news.

Donegal man Gary and Aine from Meath, one of the favourite couples ever on First Dates Ireland, have just been revealed as ‘Facebook Official’.

The news was announced by RTE2 to celebrate Valentine’s Day and to renew everyone’s faith in modern romance.

First Dates Ireland

Gary O’Brien

Ballyshannon man Gary O’Brien (26) and his date Aine Dunne (24), give viewers all over Ireland hope for young love after their first meeting was broadcast three weeks ago.

Out of the 14 couples who agreed to a second date, this pair are the only ones to have endured the trials of reality TV romance!

The First Dates Ireland team are certainly feeling smug about the matchmaking and chose to announce the news today in a heart-warming video.

Gary and Aine hit it off instantly on their First Date in the Gibson Hotel Dublin, where Aine fell for Gary’s Donegal accent and Gary was enamoured with Aine’s eyes. Aine is a baker who had the ‘recipe for happiness’ for the stylish Ballyshannon man.

The dinner date was going so well that Gary had to call a friend between courses to gush about how perfect Aine was for him.

Romance quickly bloomed between the couple. When they were quizzed in the Diary Room with the make-or-break question – “Do you want to see each other again?” – Gary went first to say a definite yes. Aine agreed too, so the second date was agreed upon with a fist pump. They even had their first kiss on camera.

Gary O’Brien

It was only this weekend that they became Facebook official, now that the word is out everyone will be cheering on the sweethearts – could the first First Dates Ireland wedding be a Donegal celebration?

Congratulations Gary and Aine!

Read all the details of their First Date here on Donegal Woman.

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