Thoroughly Modern Mammy Maria reveals what mothers really want for their partners on Valentine's Day

What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

A card?
Heart-shaped chocolates in a heart shaped box?

Well. I’m not really a Valentine’s fan.


Honestly, it’s just another day.

But wait one second Mammies.

If there IS a day where we might manipulate…sorry expect…a little treat, TAKE IT!
Grab it with both hands Mammies.

And here are the TOP 5 things that Mammies REALLY want for Valentine’s Day.
(Feel free to tag your other half or send these to your Valentine.)

1. Sleep: And I don’t mean that she simply goes to bed early or that the kids sleep through for a night. I’m talking a FULL sleep where she knows before she goes to sleep that someone else is 100% responsible for her minions.

And even better, throw in a lie-in. Even just an hour, where (again) the kids are someone else’s problem. THAT is worth 1000 red roses.


2. Suds: A shower: I’m talking unlimited. I’m talking unobserved. I’m talking unrushed. I’m talking shampoo AND conditioning. I’m talking shaved legs. I’m talking giving her the chance to stand there until her fingers get wrinkly from the steam and she finds herself bored or starting to notice the scum on the shower door. (Mammies…If you begin to think about cleaning, then, (and only then) are you in there too long!)

Or even better, A bath: All of the above, except add an hour, some smelly candles and a dirty big glass of grapes. Or tea. Whatever floats her rubber duck. RUN the bath for her without being asked. Actually, go buy some fancy smellies and surprise her completely.


3. Words: Tell her what she needs to hear. When’s the last time you told her “You’re a brilliant Mammy” or “You’re gorgeous you know?” or even simply saying “Thank you.” Sounds silly? Say it. See the reaction. And if you really want to stop her in her tracks, add in a kiss and a hug.

Now I’m not just talking a good morning kiss or a peck as you drop off the kids. I’m talking stop everything, regardless of what she’s doing, and give her hug. Even move in for a kiss. A proper kiss. One that lasts at least 5 seconds…


4. Take charge: Step in. If the kids are asking for something, step in with “I’ll get it.” Or stick on a load of washing without being asked. Or go do the shopping. Use phrases like “Sit where you are.” Or “I’ll do that.”

Hearing the words “Leave Mammy alone, she’s in the toilet” cannot be underestimated. They trump “Will you marry me?” any day.


5. Time. Mam-me time: Send her off shopping or give her a voucher for a facial. Or even more exciting and easier on the pocket, if she’s popping to the shop, tell her not to hurry back but to grab herself a coffee. “Take your time” means so much.


And the main beauty of these? You don’t have to be a husband or partner to do these things for a Mammy you car about. And you don’t have to wait until February 14th.

These “gifts” can be given by sisters, friends, parents… (maybe except the kiss in No.3)… but apart from that, there’s nothing stopping any of us doing any of these for any mum.

Of course, flowers, chocolates, cards and champers can make us smile too!
Happy Valentine’s Mammies. Xxx