The Irish Retriever Rescue centre might have anticipated that people would be feeling the love this week when they made a desperate Facebook appeal.

Irish Retriever Rescue

The charity is making a very specific and very touching request by looking to give four pairs of Golden Retrievers a forever home.

The middle-aged dogs cannot be separated from their partners, the Facebook appeal stressed. Adopters must be prepared to take on two pooches and keep them together forever.

Perhaps it was the adorable pictures and puppy-dog looks from the dogs which pulled on the heartstrings.

The post has had thousands of people falling in love with the couples and the appeal has gone viral in just two days, especially as it is the season for romance.

Irish Retriever Rescue is committed to safeguarding the futures of abused, abandoned, neglected or simply unwanted Golden Retrievers. There are 4 pairs of dogs and another pending who are in need of a home urgently. Three pairs are currently in England and the other pair is living in Ireland.

The team has been overwhelmed by the response and have expressed their delight that the profile of the charity has been raised.

“I have been flooded with hundreds of private messages and am working my way through them, so please be patient for a response, I have to sleep and work at some point,” a member of the charity wrote on Facebook.

They have said that the matching process will begin in the next couple of weeks once all adoption applications are assessed. There’s hope for love yet!

Visit the Irish Retriever Rescue Facebook page here.