Bridal columnist Carina Monteith shares some top tips for getting the most from wedding fairs as you plan your big day.

Ok so we are right in the middle of Wedding Fair Season and as an engaged couple you are doing your homework and attending lots of wedding fairs to try and find the best suppliers for your big day to suit your needs, wants and budget!

But you are entering an unknown world and you have lots of suppliers talking to you in ‘Wedding Speak’ which you are not yet fluent in!

It can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start but it’s so important that you get the right supplier to suit you as a couple and that you have a clear idea of exactly the service you are booking.

Having attended many Wedding Fairs over the years I have witnessed numerous couples walking around and taking leaflets and information from each supplier and being almost in a daze as they aren’t quite sure what to do!

To get the most out of a Wedding Fair or Showcase and to make giving up your precious Sunday you should prepare ahead and treat this as the start of your Wedding Planning.

Here are my Top Tips to the Wedding Fair game –

  • Plan Ahead – make a list of the type of suppliers you need to book. If you have a shortlist, then contact them to ask which wedding fairs they are attending – this may save you precious time if they will be at the same one!
  • Don’t bring an entourage – if you are at the stage of needing to book your vendors then it’s a good idea to go along with your fiancée as too many opinions can be overwhelming and wedding fairs get busy! Once you have all your main things booked then its time to treat it like a girls’ day out and go along for the atmosphere and bubbly!
  • Have a budget in mind for each supplier – Some suppliers offer great incentives and discounts to book their service on the day and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. Stop! You need to take a moment to consider if its within your budget and if its right for you. Take the information and go for a coffee to consider before giving a deposit that you won’t get back.
  • Don’t force your fiancée to attend! Ever taken a sulky child shopping and managed to buy anything? Enough said!
  • Don’t rush – most fairs last 3-4 hours so it’s a good idea to get there early and give yourself time to talk with all the relevant suppliers without having to rush.
  • And finally, if you only plan to attend one Wedding Fair then do it at your venue as it will give you a good indication of how the venue operates a large event. It’s not necessarily going to give you an idea of how it will look on your wedding day – a showcase, actual wedding or a Workshop is better for this.

Wedding Fairs a great source of information and inspiration but aren’t suited to all types of vendors so it’s good to do some research and get recommendations from other couples who have used the supplier you like.

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