Carina Monteith from Team Bride explores the pressure for couples to put on a show-stopping first dance on their wedding day.

The first dance – whether you’re marrying a Patrick Swayze wannabe or a shoe shuffler there is no avoiding the first dance! The expectation of years gone by was that a blushing bride would drag her new groom out for a 3-minute enforced semi-circle sway.

Today’s modern couples aren’t content with a little slow dance to a Boyz to Men classic with all the aunties and uncles looking on waiting for the band to announce the first waltz. No, someone decided a wedding was the perfect time to show all your friends and relatives the dance moves that you’ve kept hidden for the last 30 years!

The idea is that the bride and groom get together with a dance teacher ahead of the wedding (because the wedding ceremony isn’t enough to get nervous about lol) and come up with a choreographed routine to surprise their guests and panic every remaining engaged couple in the room!

So, while you have all the moves and confidence, it’s not guaranteed that you partner will share your talent (or enthusiasm) so it may be time to call on your bridal party to help you have your Beyoncé moment to shine. And it’s not only the ladies getting the dance bug, the guys have been known to get the crew together and put on a show to remember!

It’s easy to get caught up in the wedding planning bubble and want to do something ‘different’ to entertain your guests, just make sure that you don’t put you or your fiancée under the pressure to perform. Relax, enjoy your day and do what is right for you as a couple. And if you’re feeling particularly talented then feel free to recreate this Dirty Dancing Inspired Wedding dance …….

All the Wedding Best

Carina x

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