Travel columnist Anna Farren from Farrenwide looks back on an indulgent New Year's Eve at Rathmullan House.

With January near an end, I sit having spent the month eating healthily in a bid to begin 2017 with the ‘New Year, New Me’ intentions most of us have following Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. With that in mind, it almost feels cruel to be subjecting you to the most mouth-watering photos I have on my memory card to date! I, for one, am feeling especially nostalgic as I pour over my many food snaps, with an apple in hand as this month’s snack option!

Rathmullan House brought with it the most enjoyable and tastiest of New Year’s celebrations.

As Spring draws near, with it will bring Communions, Confirmations and hopefully, many excuses to dine out and indulge in the glorious menus served in Rathmullan House.

Before sitting down to enjoy the food that awaits, be sure to stretch your legs and work up an appetite with a stroll along the beach, accessible from the grounds of Rathmullan House.

Although everything about the dinner was delicious, my personal favourite element of the food served in Rathmullan House, was that of the exquisite cheese board available after dinner. Should I be returning for an occasion of any sort, I would be putting in a special request for the cheese and crackers selection you can see below – (perhaps that is the very reason January needed to bring with it an ever so plain diet… I can’t say I regret any of the yummy platter I made sure I made some room for after an equally delicious dinner)!

The icing on the cake in Rathmullan House, is its homely, cosy feel, with its blazing fires and comfy couches adjacent to the bar and sitting rooms beyond. Serving wine and Donegal’s own, Kinnegar brew beer, one can enjoy the comfort of fireside drinks to top off an already lovely drinks and dining experience in true Donegal style.

I cant’t recommend Rathmullan House enough and hope to explore it and its food again, in the very near future!