Travel columnist Anna Farren follows the sun on a route not taken from Rathmullan to Marble Hill along the Wild Atlantic Way.

The sun was beaming in the early hours of the morning and I made my way to Rathmullan beach, eager to grasp a sunrise shot at the beginning of my day of driving along the Wild Atlantic Way. On arrival, the sun was rising so idyllically above the water during my entire walk of the beach.

Successful with my shot, on a very quiet beach at only 9.30am, I hopped back in the car and continued along my adventure, going on a route I haven’t ever before, in my lovely Donegal.

From Rathmullan, I followed the Wild Atlantic Way signs, bringing me on the most stunning of coastal drives – how could I have never travelled these roads before? Such glorious views gave me a reason to pull in and become snap happy, before hopping in the car again, and following along the route.

I came to Ballymastocker Bay, a place I had heard of, but never seen from this angle. The views were absolutely gorgeous!

Ballymastocker Bay

The adventure did not stop here. I continued along the road, this time heading towards a place I have mentioned before – Horn Head.

With friends visiting over the festive season, I couldn’t but bring them to Horn Head – my go to spot to show off Co. Donegal when people come to visit. After some lovely food in Muck ‘n’ Muffins, Dunfanaghy, we hopped out in very chilly weather, to grab some snaps at Horn Head.

Having spent a morning and afternoon touring Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Way, the time came to make the return journey home before dark, with only one more stop to go – Marble Hill. I was just on time to snap a sunset photo to end the day.

This was my loveliest exploration over the Christmas period, including a sunrise and sunset at two lovely beaches, with so much to take in and capture on my camera along the way – bliss!

The route I took, with my base being Letterkenny:

  • Rathmullan beach
  • Fanad drive
  • A pitstop overlooking Ballymastocker Bay
  • Muck ‘n’ Muffins Dunfanaghy
  • Horn Head
  • Marble Hill Beach

Let me know if you ever make the journey – I hope you enjoy it!