Bridal expert Carina looks at the wedding dress trends we will be seeing in shops for Spring 2017 – direct from the catwalk!

A New Year, a fresh start and time to start that all important Wedding Planning process for many of you! Choosing your wedding dress is a very personal thing and the level of importance differs from one bride to the next, as does the style of dress. With a new Bridal Season just about to begin, here are a few of the Bridal trends that we will see in Bridal Shops this year…

  • Plunging Necklines – The perfect style to make you feel like a glamorous femme fatale on your Wedding Day. There are so many designers offer different interpretations of this style and the great thing is that modern lingerie solutions mean you don’t need to worry about bust support!

  • Detachable Train – There are so many ways to take your Wedding Dress from Ceremony to Evening with a little tweak but a detachable train is not only a modern way of achieving 2 looks with one dress but it’s also a practical way to achieve the best of both worlds!
  • Pantone Colours – Not every bride wants to wear White or Ivory and lots want to opt for something a little different but still with a ‘bridal’ look. Soft pantone colours of champagne, lilacs, blues, pinks and taupes are becoming increasingly popular and get a big thumbs up from me <3
  • Illusion Panelling – Illusion neckline have been around for a while and last season we saw a lot of Illusion back detailing which is set to continue through next season alongside soft illusion panelling. The panelling can be very subtle unless you a brave and want to go for a more daring look –
  • Long Sleeves – Another trend that we have seen grow in popularity is a Wedding Dress with Sleeves. There are lots of different option for sleeves out there and with accessory options also growing it’s easy to add a bolero or body suit to simply add sleeves to strapless dress. Have a look at some of my top picks –

A trend is only that, a trend and while it can have an influence on what dress you like the best advice is to go for the dress that feels most comfortable on and that you feel the most confident in. Don’t be swayed by what you think you ‘should’ wear, your dress is your choice and no one else’s.

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All the Wedding Best

Carina x