The cute kids of the Blue Ribbon Group have made a Christmas charity appeal video in aid of The Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Little Caela Carr, Ethan Barron and their Blue Ribbon friends are back with their own awareness video for SVP. This is what happens when you let a performing arts group run free in a Christmas decor shop!

They will be having their annual SVP Christmas Celebrations in Trinity Hall today (Thursday), where everyone is invited to make a donation, bring food or a gift to suit a child aged from baby to 15.

Members from the local SVP will be collecting donations immediately after the sing-song sessions for all the family. Bring yourselves, your smiles and your Christmas Spirit and join in the fun with the children.

The kids and families from nearby Mulroy have already raised awareness, 53 euro and four boxes of festive gifts.

Last minute shoppers are reminded that they can call with a gift to their local SVP shop anywhere around the county.

Video: PMCMedias