If you think of Lidl stores you’ll think of bargain produce, international foods and alternative finds in those middle aisles. You might not think of reality stars and heiresses.

Paris Hilton has announced her new collection for Lidl, and we’ve been left scratching our heads.

Here comes Paris indeed. It’s not a prank – she really has joined the German discount stores.

This week, Lidl stores across Europe have begun stocking a range of hair products by Paris. Curling wands, a hairdryer, rotating brushes and more – all black and pink and at bargain prices. The range is reported to cost between €2 and €22 for each item.

Paris recently told Harper’s Bazaar that she not longer wants to be known as a reality star, and will be focusing on her brand business empire from here on. She had slipped off our radar for a while, but did you know she has 18 fragrances? Ad campaigns and endorsements are definitely her strong point, and this is certainly going to get people talking about her again.