Stacey Melaugh has issued a warning about old news that is circulating and saying that baby Caolan has been given the all-clear from cancer.

The news that Caolan’s scans were all clear was issued during the summer, but he has since relapsed and is still battling stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma, a very rare and aggressive childhood cancer.

Many people have been sharing and commenting on the news that he is well again, but have been reminded to check the dates of stories before reading them.

Caolan is the son of Stacey and Gerard Melaugh, who was diagnosed with cancer at just 10 weeks old. The Ballybofey community and people from all over Donegal and abroad came together to raise funds for Caolan to have specialist treatment in America. €150,000 was raised, but his parents were forced to make a new appeal when Caolan fell ill again in October.

That setback meant that the parents faced a bill of $170,000 (€155,000) so the money they had raised to this point was gone. His parents are looking to find another type of treatment outside Ireland, but are relying on funds to do so.

Caolan turned two last week, while countless fundraisers continue their efforts in the hope of setting him on the road to recovery again. Dances, coffee mornings, fashion shows and many more events were organised in aid of Caolan.

In the Facebook message, Caolan’s family said that they hope the old news does not stop the fundraising efforts.

There is an old post circulating again from last year when we got the news of clear scans.
Caolan has relapsed and it is a tough time for us and our families and although we know people mean well, it is very hard to have to say that is old and we are battling again.
We would just ask that people read the article and check the date before sharing.
We are in more need now for fundraising than we ever have been before.Because Caolan next stage of treatment will depend on money raised by all our generous followers.
We hope everyone understands and we really appreciate all the continued support.?

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