If you are a mammy yourself, or you’re in a house with an Irish mammy this Christmas, there are a few things they seem to do that you might have thought was unique to them.

Whether it’s sorting through the Christmas card list only to discover that a few names have dropped off, or battling with the Christmas tree decorations -it seems that all mammies are actually the same!

A series of comedy shorts from Irish comedian Pamela Joyce have been added to the RTE Player, and they will resonate with many Irish mammies and their children. Her no-nonsense attitude and easily-flustered nature is very familiar here.

There’s a video for Christmas Prep and Christmas Day, where she comments on womens’ jackets at mass and tries to conquer the mathematical science of cooking a turkey.

Check out the Web Exclusive videos on the RTE Player here:

Irish Mammy Christmas Day

Irish Mammy Christmas Prep