Bridal expert Carina is here to help you choose your perfect bridal party.

I’ve said all along that choosing the right bridal party members can make or break your wedding planning experience and you shouldn’t underestimate how important this decision is. The average engagement lasts 18 months so chances are your Bridal Party are going to be with you for a lot of that time and choosing people you can tolerate for a long period of time is a must.

If you read my column last week covering the do and don’ts of being newly engaged then you will know already that my advice is to take a deep breath and a few weeks before you even enter into the Bridal Party discussion. It’s so easy to get carried away with the excitement but remember a bridesmaid is for life not just the wedding.


To be fair I was pretty lucky when it came to choosing my bridesmaid. I’ve no sisters and have had the same bestie from school and she and I always knew she would be my only bridesmaid. The patient hubbie only has one brother so it was easy peasy [insert slight gloat emoticon]. However, having been bridesmaid 4 times in my adult life I am aware of the emotions and pitfalls of choosing the right people to be at your side while being careful not to offend others. These people are gong to be your Squad, your A-Team – the ones who have your back no matter what.


While you might have visions of you and your team of bridesmaids in cute little robes and slippers sipping champagne on the morning of your wedding I can tell you that to get to that stage you have a few hurdles to get over first! Save your sanity and ensure that you have at least one member of you bridal party who is on your wave length and who you can trust with every little detail.

Some handy tips for choosing the perfect Bridal Party..…..

<3 Take your time, ask in haste; repent in leisure

<3 Include your family……and the in-laws!

<3 Don’t ask them just because they asked you

<3 Make sure you both choose attendants that you both like!

<3 Be clear of your expectations from the very beginning

<3 Once you’ve chosen the party then get them all together to break the ice before the big day

<3 Join the latest craze and ask them in a unique way!

Following advice is one thing but remember with choosing the Bridal Party and with all your decisions – it’s YOUR day so be confident and do it your way from the very beginning.

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