According to a survey conducted by Purina, the majority of Irish people love their dogs more than their children! The study by iReach for Purina as part of their support for DSPCA’s ongoing Pet Adoption Drive looked at how Irish life is centred on our furry friends, and results are surprising.

69% of Irish families surveyed claimed that having a family dog makes a house a home, compared to 55% who said children make a house a home.

A whopping 97% of dog owners admit to speaking to their pooch; the majority, 60%, admit to using a ‘childlike’ voice when speaking to their dog.

68% of those surveyed claim that dog ownership can make a potential date more attractive (sorry cat people).

Half of those surveyed opt for human names when naming their dog, whereas the other half rather traditional doggy names.

15% own up to the fact that their dog is more welcome in the bed than their partner, with 16% allowing their furry friend to sleep at the bottom of the bed.