A Letterkenny cafe is welcoming a new twist on the humble doughnut.

Doughnuts have had an impressive shake-up in recent years. They’ve become the trending pastry-du-jour as creative culinary people revolutionise the recipe.

Cronuts have been around for a few years, but they made such an impact that real hysteria broke out over them. The croissant-doughnut hybrid created by New York City pastry chef Dominique Ansel was so in-demand that hundreds of people queued outside his bakery each morning to buy them.

Since then, filled doughnuts and gourmet flavourings have become the highly-coveted sweet treat of the Instagram generation.

The doughnut revolution has now hit Donegal, and there’s a new kid in town. Coast32 in Letterkenny have just created the Froughnut – a frozen yogurt topped doughnut.

Image: Facebook @Coast32LK

It’s delightfully colourful and slightly healthy (froyo is much better for you than ice cream), and the freedom to add any topping is too fun.

As if we needed another sweet treat to crave this season!

Image: Facebook @Coast32LK