Putting Northern Irish tanning brand Bellamianta under the spotlight

Bellamianta’s Luxury Tanning products have burst into the world of tanning, and I was eager to see what all the fuss was about. The main attraction is that it doesn’t smell like the average fake tan, and I was intrigued.

Could it be the end of my days rushing to the shower after a night out to get rid of that strange curry toast smell of fake tan?

Donegal Woman talked to Lisa McDermott and Linda Stinson to find out how they came up with their own tailor-made product. They had set out to create something clean and nutritious for busy women to pamper themselves with, while getting a natural glow without the tanning stink. 

Read our interview with the Bellamianta directors here.

The two beauty business pros sent us two of their Luxury Christmas gift sets to try out and see for ourselves – does Bellamianta give the glow without the pong?


The BeBella Bronzed Rapid – Shake A Tail Feather set contains the rapid self-tanning tinted mousse, a Bellamianta luxury tanning mitt and a medium self-tanning tinted lotion.

Marvelous Mitt

First off, the mitt is a dream. The soft glove is thick and a good large size – you won’t have any product seeping through to your hands or down to your wrists. The mitt is in no way scratchy like the standard ones.

I started off with the lotion – choosing to apply it on my arms and neck area. The product was created to be so hydrating and nutritious that it could be put on the face too.

The instant colour is a cool golden olive tone that brightened up my pale skin very nicely. The application was smooth, but after I had a shower I was left with a few patches. Be warned: you need to be well hydrated skin for this.


BeBella Bronzed Rapid – Shake A Tail Feather €34

Bergamot bliss

And the big one – the smell! The bergamot scent really does remind you of a spa session. It’s not strong at all once you have applied it – just the way you want so the tan doesn’t overpower your perfume.

I was hesitant about putting the lotion on my face, but tried it anyway. Unfortunately I was scrubbing it off an hour later. Even though I had exfoliated recently, the lotion seemed to collect in any dry areas so I was left with a big brown nose and forehead.

This tanning lotion has a soft sheen to it, which is always has a nice slimming effect on arms and legs – but I found it too shiny for the face.

Mousse tint

On another day I applied the Bellamianta Rapid Mousse – it went on smoothly to legs and arms, and it dries very quickly so you have to work it on fast. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t transfer to clothes and you’re not sitting around waiting to dry like an iced cake.

The finish of the mousse wasn’t as flawless as the lotion, it gathered a bit in random places. But the colour was just as good. I often find that other tanning mousses take on sunburnt shade of salmon – but it wasn’t the case with Bellamianta – the cool tone is lovely.

I left the tan on overnight to try and get the deepest shade. You can wash it off between 2 and 6 hours also, depending on the level of colour you want. A lot of the product comes off in the shower, even though I only hopped in for a few minutes.

I was left with a light tint which was very natural for daytime. If I was going out I’d need a full extra layer.

Time to shine

We also tried the Bella Show Time Shimmer and Shine, which has a full sized Bellamianta Shimmering Dry Body Oil and a special mitt.


Bellamianta Bella Show Time Shimmer and Shine €28

The custom mitt for the body oil is a godsend – because glittering oil is a nightmare once it gets on your hands. Your legs will thank you for it too, as this oil adds instant dimension once you apply a strip down the shin bone. It definitely lifts the colour and is very glittery, so a tiny bit is all you need.

The oil also works nicely on the collar bones if you want to highlight that area. You can always wear it without a tan too. This oil also has the signature bergamot scent.


These sets make a lovely gift for Bellamianta fans. The Art Deco packaging design is very nice. In terms of value, the individual costs of the mousse (€25) and mitt (€10) are already more than the €34 price of Shake A Tail Feather, so you get the bonus mini travel lotion.

The Show Time set is €28, which I think is a little expensive for a body oil with a mini mit. It makes a nice gift for any girl who likes to shine bright on a night out.

Where to buy

These Christmas gift sets are available in the majority of the big pharmacies or online.