Donegal County Council will host the ‘EMPOWER HER’ seminar this month, aimed at exploring strategies to enhance female representation in politics.

The event which is taking place at the County House Lifford on Friday 24th May, from 11am-1pm, will address the pressing need for greater gender diversity in public representation within Donegal.

At the last local elections in 2019, four female Councillors out of a total Council of 37 members were elected (just over 10 per cent).

Senator Eileen Flynn is the sole female member of the Oireachtas from Donegal.

The ‘EMPOWER HER’ seminar will serve as a platform for diverse voices to come together to explore ways to foster greater inclusion and empowerment of women in politics.

Attendees will hear contributions from a variety of stakeholders, including elected representatives, community leaders, representatives from the enterprise sector, and members of the voluntary sector.

One of the highlights of the event will be the participation of ‘See Her Elected,’ an organisation dedicated to supporting and empowering women seeking political office. Their insights and experiences will offer valuable perspectives on overcoming barriers and promoting a more equitable political landscape.

Patsy Lafferty, Director of Service for Housing, Corporate and Cultural Services, Donegal County Council said this event is important to better understand the barriers for women entering politics, but also getting elected.

He further added that “The ‘EMPOWER HER’ event is recognition of our commitment to promoting gender equality and fostering an inclusive political environment within Donegal. By engaging with diverse stakeholders we hope to come away with innovative strategies which bring about meaningful change and pave the way for increased female political representation in County Donegal. It’s not an easy task, but it’s one we must address proactively.”

Members of the public are invited to take part in a public survey answering a number of questions around female participation in politics which will be discussed at the seminar.

The ‘EMPOWER HER’ event is just one step towards a more representative and inclusive local and national government.

Donegal County Council is encouraging all stakeholders, advocates, and community members passionate about gender equality and political representation to join the conversation and contribute to the dialogue.

For more information about the ‘EMPOWER HER’ seminar please contact Mary Clyde, PPN Co-ordinator at

To register for the event please RSVP to Joanne Sweeney, or 087 6237373 by Monday 20 May.