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Forward Emphasis International, our own indigenous local employer will, for the 15th year, circle the wagons around and support its cohort of 55 individuals who will this month sit their regulatory exams.

FEI delivers customer support services to a number of insurance and financial services companies including Allianz and Irish Life Health, providing support for their complex service requirements. FEI’s 300 strong talent pool underpins the unique business offering, with staff operating from the FEI Headquarters at Malin Head as well as from the Belfast office at Customs House, and also in working from home arrangements.

To showcase the career opportunities available locally the company will host an Open Day at FEI HQ, Malin Head on Friday 16th June. 

Training investment by the company is significant, with well over 300 employees having achieved a recognized qualification in Insurance and Financial Advisor exams in the last decade, and the company is one of the Insurance Institute’s largest customers. The qualifications gained through working with FEI are recognised globally in the industry, and so are an asset to any employee choosing to spend some time adventuring overseas.

JP McGonigle, Head of Business Improvement at FEI, heads up the Learning and Development Team in the company. Having recently onboarded a new state-of-the-art Learning Management Platform to support overall staff engagement and enhance the opportunities available to employees, he says: “We are something of an unknown entity. We have been quietly investing in the training of our local talent pool for over a decade, since the Central Bank of Ireland introduced the requirement to hold the regulatory qualifications to work in this field. We have a Team of over 100 qualified personnel who can support compliant growth in company numbers to 750 people. We are working hard on that journey and will be hosting a number of Open Days at our facility in Malin Head, where people can visit us and get a better understanding of what we do and what opportunities are available to them through joining us. Our first Open Day is Friday 16th June and we hope to welcome you then.”

The initial qualification to work in a customer facing role in Insurance is ‘Approved Product Advisor’. This qualification requires three exam module passes and FEI has invested enormously in creating the support network around the cohorts preparing for exams. The next step is ‘Certified Insurance Practitioner’ which requires passing an additional three modules.

Abbie McLaughlin and Mandy Doherty: two of FEI’s fast track employees completing their APA qualification within 2 semesters

James Rodgers, an Operations Executive with the company who mentors a number of candidates each semester says: “Our team can choose their own pace to achieve their qualifications. We have a fast-track pathway where our candidates can achieve their certifications in as little as twelve months and we have a pathway with a more gentle pace. We work closely with each individual to gauge the optimum timeline and devise a personalised study plan tailored to suit. I really enjoy my role working with the teams. Individuals have different ways of learning and we have gathered a great deal of experience along the way to support those.”

An astounding 71%, and climbing, of those sitting exams through FEI pass the exam, and again an astounding 100% pass an exam leading to a qualified status.

Claire McLaughlin, HR Executive with FEI says: “The local talent pool within Inishowen is exceptional. The company is a great place to work and the team we have recruited locally is remarkable. A great bunch of people, focused on delivering excellence to our client base and making sure to have a lot of fun too. The training and support structures operate extremely well and seeing so many people achieve top level financial services qualifications through their local workplace roles, working with top household name brands, makes my role extremely rewarding. Well wishes in abundance to all those diligently working for the exams in the coming weeks and congratulations to all who have succeeded to date.”

At FEI we are eager to ensure our staff can earn, learn and gain qualifications with us. Alongside the regulatory exams we also have a number of other learning opportunities available with the company, namely the Central Bank of Ireland’s Climate Change Impact in Financial Services, Advanced Diploma in Global Business Services, Qualified Financial Advisor & the Certification in Consumer Credit to name a few. We look forward to further developing our FEI Academy as we grow into the future. 

We are proud to offer excellent employment opportunities within Inishowen, Donegal and nationwide. We are now recruiting with all job vacancies listed on our website – www.fei.ie. Or come visit us at FEI, Malin Head on Friday 16th June for the first of our Open Days. Keep an eye on our Social Media for more information.