Carndonagh singer-songwriter Amy O’Connor is about to have the biggest week of her career so far as she releases her first single, Go Back.

‘Go Back’ comes out on 9th April, marking one year since Amy launched onto the local music scene. She’s now a familiar voice in venues across Inishowen and has a full diary of events ahead with her guitarist John McLaughlin.

The 18-year-old is enjoying every minute of her rising career. On top of that, she’s preparing for her Leaving Certificate exams in June with ambitions to study business.

“The last year, looking back I couldn’t believe everything that I did,” Amy said.

“I said to myself: if I had one gig a month that would be great. Now, I’m gigging every weekend. I’m booked for the whole year of 2023. I have dates booked for weddings in 2024 and 2025 already.”

Amy O’Connor. Nicola Kelly Photography

Amy’s first record is a slow pop song that echoes Lewis Capaldi and Katie Gregson Macleod.

‘Go Back’ is a song that flowed from the heart, Amy said.

“Go Back is going to relate to a lot of people. If you’re missing a friend you’re no longer in touch with, or a family member even an ex-partner. That’s what I want to do with my music – have it relatable.

“At the time I wrote it I was missing someone that was a part of my everyday life and then suddenly wasn’t. I remember sitting down in the kitchen, thinking about everything that happened and thinking ‘I wish I could go back to when times are good’. They were the first lyrics to the song. By the time I stood up from the kitchen table, I had the full song finished,” she said.

“A year and a half later, only three words were changed in the song before it went to production in the recording studio.”

Go Back was recorded at Full Tilt studios with producer Tommy Conway and Kristin Loftus on acoustic guitar. Listen to a preview here:

“Recording was an amazing experience,” Amy said. “I didn’t think I’d have so much fun during those seven hours in the studio but Tommy made the experience so enjoyable.”

Amy always believed that her song lyrics would stay in the Notes app on her phone, but now that she has the first done and dusted, she can’t wait to release more.

She is working on three songs now and hopes to have another single out by the summer, with plans for a full album in the pipeline.

It’s been a year of achievements for the young student, and the rest of 2023 looks just as bright.

Go Back will be available on popular streaming services from Sunday 9th April. Follow Amy on Facebook (click here) TikTok (here) and Instagram (here) for updates on gigs and more.