What would Ireland look like with full gender equality?

Women’s Day 2022 is just around the corner and Donegal Women’s Network are inviting women to take part in an online national women campaign.  

The network is looking for women to share with us their stories and experiences of; 

1. Experiences of bias because you are a woman (Gender-based bias) 

2. Where you have broken a bias, i.e. breaking into what is viewed as a job/sport etc., or some other inspiring story) 

3. What you think Ireland and the world would look like with full gender equality 

These stories and experiences will be used in a national women’s lead campaign running on the 8th March to celebrate women in Ireland and raise awareness to the lived equality issues women still face.  

If you would like to take please fill in our campaign participation form here https://forms.gle/WaMwX3jnY7LYD9Qa6or to find out more please contact Danielle on devworker.donegal@womenscollective.ie 

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March and it is about supporting the roles and acknowledging the achievements of women within our society. It is because women across the world continue to experience challenges and inequalities simply because they are women that we take this special day to raise awareness and show them our support.