Donegal-based artist Maria Gasol has launched a new book for free in the hope of helping parents and children come to terms with losing a loved one.

Maria Gasol, a Catalan artist living in Cloughaneely, was inspired by her personal experience of losing her father to Covid-19 last April.

Unable to travel to Barcelona for the funeral, Maria resorted to therapeutic journaling to express her sense of loss. Her response prompted her daughter, Nora (aged 6), to conjure a story-poem to console her with care, innocence and imagination.

Maria was motivated by her daughter’s work to design a short illustrated book about grief and loss.

“Lily’s Grandpa Is an Angel” is accessible online through the Pobail le Chéile Community Development project on:

Through its 20 illustrated pages, we see a little girl whose grandpa has died, trying to console her heartbroken mother through her belief that he is an angel with superpowers, having fun and watching over his family. 

It will hopefully bring a bit of comfort to those grieving.

Conceived as a free-to-download pdf, it is supported by the Irish Hospice Foundation and Creative Ireland through the “Seed Grants”: 11 nationwide projects where artists, craftspeople and community groups are using creativity to explore death and loss.

Pobail le Chéile is supporting Maria in hosting a link to the book on it website and in letting everyone know about it – the book is a great resource for parents and children who are coming to terms with the loss of someone close to them.

To download a copy, please visit: